Joanna Sweet

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If there’s anyone who can work the top of a boat on a bright sunny day, that would definitely be Asshole Fever Joanna Sweet. She may be a plain girl on first look but once you get to scrutinize her features, you’ll realize something more exciting. Joanna has long blonde hair and loves to wear big lens glasses to protect her eyes from the sun. Her animalistic swimwear print may say a lot about her personality but that is yet to be discovered. She kneels down on top of the boat and holds on to her legs to keep her balance.

Norah Swan

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Getting a little lesson about self-defense is Asshole Fever Nora Swan. It’s not typical for a brunette girl to jump right in to self-defense classes. However, Nora may have her own naughty agenda on why she decided to do so. This pretty girl is taking all the moves that her teacher is giving her. She submits fully to the stunts and is already down on the floor. Her neck is slightly grabbed and she can’t move as her hand has been grabbed as well. She keeps her stance so as to not hurt herself and to maintain her tempting look with her really short pair of shorts.

Stephanie Sierra

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It’s already a given fact for Asshole Fever Stephanie Sierra that when a guy asks her to sail, the motive is already clear. That is why, she always wear some sexy swim wear that she can easily get out of. Not yet far from shore, Stephanie’s guy is already getting clingy, giving her some soft kisses on the neck and a nice cooch grab. This girl knows how to submit. She closes her eyes as she feels that scruffy sensation on her nape. She also holds on to the safety bars of the boat as she spreads her legs open. Looks like this guy already had his way on Stephanie’s breast as well.

Patricia Gold

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When on a secluded location outdoors, nature has its way to give Asshole Fever Patricia Gold to do her sexual deeds out in the open. With only the two of them on the boat, Patricia grabs her man close to her as she slowly lathers her skin in a very sensual manner. She also teases us with that stare even if she has not taken her bathing suit off just yet. The ooze of Patricia’s sexual drive is just overflowing that it has made the stud’s cock bulge up on his shorts. There’s no stopping this clash now, and the boat will sure have a nice rock on calm waters.

Bibi Noel

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Pin up girl poses never fail and Asshole Fever Bibi Noel nailed her pose that reminds us of it. With blonde hair flowing to her back and with length that is already close to her waist, pretty girl Bibi looks over her shoulder to give us a nice glance while showing her curvy back side. With her hands gently pressing down her legs, she pushes her butt up for projection. The view from the porch may be spectacular, but the whole spectacle here really is on this sexy girl. Wearing white lingerie ensemble to complete her whole look, those exposed smooth bums can sure use some fine slapping.

Andy Brown

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An empty warehouse gets a nice overhaul thanks to Asshole Fever Andy Brown. This dominating dark haired gal knows a thing or two on how to heat things up in the place. By just standing there and slightly bending over towards the camera, she’s already got one audience that is amazed by her fine features. Of course who wouldn’t love a gal bending over with this tiny outfit? Andy is fully aware of the stud on her back that’s why she’s all prepped up to give him a nice show. Leather girl Andy may have an innocent aura, but you’ll be surprised of what she can do.

Sasha Rose

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This dirty warehouse is the backdrop for the tempting and alluring Asshole Fever Sasha Rose… what an indescribable contrast. The sexy and slender beauty of Sasha just steals your view and isolates it from the clutter all around. Standing on the metal staircase close to the wall, the towering Sasha gives a nice profile angle on camera and gives a straight on stare. Her little black dress with laced slits fits her perfectly. As she gently holds on to the bar of the stairs, she raises one arm up and turns her legs to the side to show how long and flawless they are.

Marry Queen

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A girl with a balanced distribution of her skin tone is just stunning to look at especially when she’s fully naked. Asshole Fever Marry Queen is a perfect example to that. We catch up with this blonde beauty at the poolside, ready to dive in the blue waters of the pool to freshen herself up. There’s actually no need for cover ups when you have a gorgeous face to match healthy round breasts and a smooth pussy… better to flaunt it all out! Marry gives a semi-timid aura on her pose with the way she angles her face and hugs herself… that teasing strategy works every time.

Niky Gold

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As soon as the red leather couch was out by the poolside, the wild sex kitten Asshole Fever Nicky Gold hops right in and flashes her awesome back side. With her black high heels intact and a kinky toy up her pussy, Nicky smirks on camera and she wants you to enjoy the view. From this angle, we can see that she has round breasts that hang on her chest. Her long blonde locks can actually cover them when she wants to. She angles her smooth fine ass to the camera to get a better view of her cum-calling gadget.


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This empty room may be in the line for more work but Asshole Fever Henessy works that corner with her fully exposed sexy body. This girl has irresistible good looks and her dark hair adds more sex appeal to her aura. She sticks her fine ass to the wall and leans to the side to give her body a nice shape as she strikes a pose. As she holds on to the wall and to her leg, we can get a nice view of her round shaped hooters that dangle in the right way. Even if her hips are pushed inward, you can tell that she has a smooth pussy in between her slender legs.